Securonix – Ransomware


Oliver Rochford is a Security Evangelist with Securonix and will talk about current and emerging converging threat trends that are driving the evolution of Ransomware.

Ransomware has steadily grown to become the most talked-about external cyber threat for enterprises in 2021. Since the Colonial Pipeline breach, ransomware has even become a national security concern. You will learn how Ransomware Operators are responding, and through adaptation will remain a common and critical threat for some time to come.

We will discuss the following in the session:

  • The six threat trends that are making Ransomware harder to block, detect and recover from, including:
    • Brokered Access
    • Insider Ransomware
    • Fileless and Living-off-the-Land attacks
    • Human-operated Ransomware
    • Precision Data Targeting
    • Double Extortion
  • Why these trends are stress factors for defenders and traditional security controls
  • How pre-emptive detection is still the most effective way to mitigate Ransomware

October 6th from 9 AM PT

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