National Cyber Security Awareness Month – October 2021


In our super-connected world, cybercriminals and malicious attacks creep around every corner, both at work and at home. News stories of ransomware attacks and data breach fly past our feeds almost constantly.  In 2021, cybercrime is predicted to inflict $6 trillion dollars in damages globally. 

October is our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and we want to make you aware that Cybersecurity is everyone’s business. You can take action in this journey by following the below:

  • Raise Awareness and Get Involved
  • Become a Cybersecurity Champion for your organization or university
  • Promote Cybersecurity Awareness Month on social media, use the #BeCyberSmart hashtag
  • Follow cyber security best practices
  • Pass on cybersecurity tips to your friends, family, and coworkers

If you connect your devices or systems to the internet or use electronic data then you must protect your systems and data.

NextGen Cyber Talent will help increase awareness by posting helpful tips and resources throughout this month. Be on the lookout for the following tips and resources:

  • Password Tips
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Guide 
  • Phishing Tips
  • CyberSecurity at Work 
  • Remote work guidelines
  • Social Media Cybersecurity
  • Online Privacy
  • Ransomware Tips 

In addition, we will be hosting a 1-hour webinar on various cyber security critical topics by partnering with our technology partners, sponsors and enterprise organization.

For more details regarding the webinar, please click on the link on the topics below:

Please check our website and our LinkedIn page for regular updates regarding the webinar and useful tips through the month of October.  

You can also help increase awareness by using our Zoom background in your Zoom meetings or even adding a reference to your email signature lines regarding National Cyber Security Awareness Month. You can access the Virtual background from here.