About NextGen Cyber Talent

Lack of awareness about cyber security and rapidly changing cyber landscape has made this domain not so popular among the millennials amidst a wide range of demand in the market. At NextGen we train students and professionals on cyber security and data management with a uniquely designed course curriculum put together by our team of industry experts and coaches.

We seek to educate the diverse community of professionals on cybersecurity and empower the next generation of talents by designing a career in cybersecurity and data protection by partnering with the community at large.

We serve and support organizations who need quality cybersecurity professionals and are committed to embrace diverse talents.


NextGen is officially a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) publicly supported organization.
Our Tax ID 85-2972569


Photo Headshot of Krishnan Chellakarai

Krishnan Chellakarai

Founder & Chairman

Photo Headshot of Gary Gauba

Gary Gauba

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Photo Headshot of Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Chief Financial Officer & Secretary

Photo Headshot of Ritu Shritvastav

Ritu Shritvastav

Diversity & Inclusion, Marketing & HR

Photo Headshot of Vijayalakshmi Krishnamoorthi

Vijayalakshmi Krishnamoorthi

Chief Operations

Photo Headshot of Penny Lobo

Penny Lobo

Chief of Staff

Photo Headshot of Eric Drattell

Eric Drattell

Legal & Corporate Secretary

Governing Board

Photo Headshot of Krishnan Chellakarai

Krishnan Chellakarai

CISO - Gilead Sciences

Photo Headshot of Gary Gauba

Gary Gauba

Founder & Chairman of The CXO Fund

Photo Headshot of Tony Blevins

Tony Blevins

Vice President of Procurement, Apple

Photo Headshot of Phil Cox

Phil Cox

Chief Operations Officer, Silicon Valley Bank

Dave DeWalt

Founder of NightDragon

Hanan Szwarcbord

CISO @ Micron

Chapter Board

Photo Headshot of Mary Garner

Mary Garner


Photo Headshot of Mohan Koo

Mohan Koo

CTO - DTex

Photo Headshot of Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen

General Counsel, The MITRE

Photo Headshot of Lucia Milica

Lucia Milica

Resident CISO, ProofPoint

Photo Headshot of Teresa Joyce

Teresa Joyce

Deputy CISO, First Republic Bank

Photo Headshot of Sachin Nayyar

Sachin Nayyar

CEO, Securonix

Photo Headshot of Malcolm Harkins

Malcolm Harkins

Chief Security & Trust Office, Cymatic

Photo Headshot of Steven Booth

Steven Booth

Vice President – Product Management, Salesforce

Strategic Advisory Board

Photo Headshot of Andy Bhatnagar

Andy Bhatnagar

Managing Partner, DynPro

Photo Headshot of Shiv Thiyagarajan

Shiv Thiyagarajan

Managing Partner, DynPro

Photo Headshot of Allen Ding

Allen Ding

Investor, The CXO Fund

Itzik Kotler

Co-Founder & CTO, SafeBreach

Shelly Morales

Chief People Officer, Balbix

Eric Sanchez

CyberSecurity Executive


NextGen Cyber Talent is able to deliver on their mission and objectives mainly because of our volunteers with the similar objective in making a difference to the community in the meaningful way.

Volunteers have been our key pillar of success. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities to engage with our candidates in high impact, meaningful experiences by joining our mentoring program, conducting webinar and workshops, program administration and day to day operational task execution.

If you are interested to join Nextgen as a volunteer, please click on this link here to contact us or contact us via email at contactus@nextgencybertalent.com

Atif Haque

Cyber Security Professional

Lauren Ayala

Education Outreach Advocate

Kevin John Delaney

VP, Learning & Development at LinkedIn