Cyber Adversary Emulation Assessment (AEA)


Grant Thornton cyber defense specialists will hold a one-hour presentation on Adversary Emulation Assessment (AEA). The purpose of the AEA is to test organizational security controls against threat actor tactics and techniques to assess effectiveness of those controls.  The AEA is not a penetration test, but rather a controlled execution of adversarial emulations to test technical security controls for operating effectiveness. This type of assessment provides more focused and deeper testing on specific security counter-measures vs. a traditional penetration test. This AEA session will cover the following topics:

  • Development of adversary emulations based on a company profile, including, but not limited to activities such as malware execution and data exfiltration.
  • Execution of emulations using real-world adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Identify control failures for prevention, detection, and response

October 18th from 11 AM PT

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