Enterprise Organizations

Organizations can partner with us to support our initiative and scale what works to create more diverse and inclusive talents in our workplaces. We offer Proof of Value service for enterprise organizations and help identify cyber security gaps and provide solutions that can be justified and measured.

Through our partnerships, it helps all of us to make a difference in the community by offering our expertise and treasure to help deserving and high-potential candidates to help and make a successful career in Cyber security.

Enterprise Organizations

Enterprise organizations can partner with us to hire ready NextGen Talents to fulfill their recruitment needs for both internship and full-time job opportunities in the Cyber Security, data privacy and compliance domain.

In addition, organizations can help provide mentors that can work with one on one with our candidates to help them understand the key role cyber security experts play in an organization and how they can start their journey in this field. Mentoring also provides development opportunities for the employees within the organization to help them improve and broaden their horizon. Finally, organizations can help organize seminars or brown bag lunch sessions for NextGen candidates to be part of their network.

Technology Providers

NextGen Program enables cyber security technology providers to provide a platform for NextGen members to train and to be proficient in their solution offering and helps them to differentiate to be a distinguished and certified expert. It also increases their chances to get an internship or full time within the technology provider’s customer base or even within the technology provider organization.

NextGen members can always keep abreast of latest industry trends, threat landscapes and how each technology provider solutions help organizations to detect, protect and mitigate against any risks, threat or gaps in their environment

Student Acquisition Partnerships

bay area community colleges

NextGen partners closely with community colleges, universities, highschools and also with other non-profit organizations with similar vision and strategic goals that helps to promote and select cyber security as their career.

For NextGen’s initial cohort, we have partnered with Bay Area Community College Consortium bayict.org to help us identify interested and promising talent to go through the NextGen program and find a suitable internship, apprenticeship or full time jobs. 

With a shared vision to achieve consistent representation of women and traditionally underrepresented minorities in cybersecurity, Cyversity is teaming up with NextGen, referring its members to NextGen’s programs and local chapters.

The NextGen Cyber Talent partnership with the Bay Area Cyber League exposes high school and community college students participating in summer cyber camps and year-round competitions to our programs. Bay Cyber also provides our candidates with hands-on experience supporting the cyber camps as paid teaching assistants and representing NextGen in regional competitions. 

Become a NextGen Partner

NextGen is a complete end to end platform that helps connect candidates from high schools, undergrad/grad programs, a professional with work experience in non-cyber or cyber related fields to learn, develop, get an internship or full time job or be a successful leader in cyber security.

You can contact us via email at partnersignup@nextgencybertalent.com or by completing our contact form.