Message from Mehlam Shakir


A message from Mehlam Shakir, Managing Director at Dreamit Ventures

Mehlam Shakir

Competition for #cyber #talent has never been higher but our #CISO‘s all seemed to agree on one thing: “The talent is younger and lacks traditional four year degrees, but they can be groomed to handle the most challenging roles in #cybersecurity“. I met with amazing #founders of, PISCES Project, NextGen Cyber Talent, Can. Trust. Will., LLC., National Cyber League and Cyber Skyline, who’re all tackling the cybersecurity staffing challenge from different angles and making a big impact. But their projects could use some help. Learn more about the projects and their ask from the #community. Michael Hamilton, Krishnan Chellakarai, Leeza Garber, Scott Olson, Toby Lin, Franz Payer cc: Steve Barsh šŸš€, Stephen Gray, Darren Sandberg, Dustin Carpio, Adam Dakin, Rory Brogan, Sarah Milewski, Mike Ravenscroft, Elliot Levy, Dreamit Ventures